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Health & Safety Level 1 -
In-House Only

This course is an introduction to health and safety in the workplace for those in low risk jobs

Health & Safety Level 2 -
In-House & Online

The course covers the aspects of health and safety that are present in every work environment

Health & safety Level 3 -
Online Only

The course covers advanced principles of  health and safety for those in management positions

Manual Handling
Online Only

 Ideal as part of a staff induction, as refresher training session for existing staff or for those looking to go on to achieve further recognised manual handling qualifications.

In-House Only

This covers aspects of who may have contact with hazardous substances, the skills and knowledge to recognise the risks associated with them and how to control them.

Asbestos Awareness -
Online Only

This course is to ensure that anyone who may come in to contact with asbestos knows what it is, the dangers of it and how to protect themselves from exposure.

Health & Safety Management in Health Care
Level 3 -
In-House & Online

The course is ideal for those who work in any health care environment, in a supervisory or management position.